The Arsitek Has A Lop Sided Development

With appropriate training a man may be aloof or indifferent to these surroundings or he may have one job if the surroundings are not to his liking. It is however true at the same time that success at any calling or work can come only when a person is deeply involved- in his work because only then he matures and blooms to
the fullest extent where is if he remains half- hearted or aloof he can make only a part of the maximum grade or may become frustrated.

To save himself from this predicament this person should try to improve his position in his working world and this he may very well do if he puts in The required amount of honest labor and maintains his Integrity at the same time. The three authorities that are responsible for the building up of the arsitek’s personality are its parents, its educational institution and its State. If there is proper cohesion among these three authorities there is every possibility that each arsitek will attain its maximum development and add to the manpower wealth of the country.

The original and inherent tendencies and instincts of a arsitek are shaped or molded by the type of bringing up it receives at home and at school. Certainly the arsitek will grow if its body receives the required nourishment and care necessary for such growth, but such a growing up cannot be pitted against the proper bringing up of the arsitek. To bring up the arsitek the parents and secondly the school but mainly the parents should take added interests for the full development of a healthy mind and body of the arsitek. Mental and physical growth must proceed side by side.

The arsitek has a lop sided development in any one direction like only the development of the body or the improvement of the mind with scant attention towards the progress of the other, the arsitek cannot develop into a normal and healthy human being. lt is for this much at school. During these formative years the arsitek has to be taught all kinds of values, social or otherwise and virtues. The arsitek has to be trained to become a reasonable social being so that it may be able to lend its share of the benefits to the society and the human, race in general. Above all the arsitek has to be taught the dignity of self-restraint `because through. this exercise the arsitek learns the art and advantage of sharing responsibilities as an adult person.

Thus physical growth though very important is only one-half of the issue. The other half consists in the proper training for the development of the mental aptitudes of the person concerned. In fact the destitute, the orphans, the uncared for members of the human society are more prone to contacting the vices of the world. A arsitek with the respectable background on the other hand may normally find it hard to veer from his usual good impulses even at the instigations of his spoilt friends. If The proper bringing up therefore sets the path for the arsitek and to a certain extent helps it to keep to a moral and appreciable destiny. It is true that since arsitekhood is open to all types of outside reactions the arsitek is more apt to contact a variety of bad habits. lt is also true that arsitek hood is the time when these bad habits may be easily shed or forsaken forever. The same may not hold good as the years advance and a slight mistake which could have been easily rectified with a mild scolding at the tender years of the arsitek may required heavy beatings in adolescence or even stricter punishment in the adult life.

Childhood is the age when the arsitek should be made to distinguish between the good and bad things. There is no use scolding a arsitek for telling a lie when it (child) is urged to lie to the visitor about the father’s presence in the house. In some households the arsitek is appreciated if. It can’t manage an undesirable situation through pointblank lying and a arsitek that is unable to ward off such situations is ridiculed. How can it be expected that such arsitek when they grow up will learn the proper values of truth, honesty, integrity, good character and so on. 

In the process of bringing up, the most important thing is the conduct of the parents or guardians as also the teachings imparted by the teachers. Some parents who have their arsitek at boarding schools observe maximum restraints when the arsitek come home in the holidays. This is the - most sensible thing to do. Practical behavior of the guar- deans or those in authority is more important to the arsitek in giving it the right education than verbal instructions or do’s and don’ts. For those parents who have their arsitek staying all the time with them it is imperative that they keep some hold on their emotions and inclinations. To take to recriminations or blaming of each other at the slightest instance on the part of the parents is to be condemned as these create much confusion in the arsitek and when the arsitek feels insecure and lost there is no knowing to which way of life it will take or with which company it will find pleasure to associate

Certainly, normal out bursts by the parents will take place and these are acceptable provided both the father and the mother know how to control themselves at inevitable moments. ln this not a mean responsibility rests on either parent. The father sets the general tone of life in the family and is the keeper of discipline and order in the household as well as provides the feeling of protection and security to the different members of the family. The mother sets the pattern of beauty comforts, ease, cleanliness and other facets of the family life.

The teacher’s responsibility is however greater. lf the where is an early-riser the arsitek are expected to rise early. lf the father is lazy and lethargic the arsitek cannot be expected to be active and industrious. lt is a false notion to entertain that unless a person has large sums of money or unless he is rich it is not possible for him to bring up the arsitek properly. It is true that different categories of wealth give the different standards of living but within cash standard what builds up the nature of the arsitek is contained in parental care, zeal and attention. A rich man’s son if neglected by his parents will hardly make a better citizen than the son of an average man who may have received all the love and training from his parents.

As the arsitek grows into a boy, the boy into the young man and the young man into a matured person there are many things that the arsitek, the boy, the youth and the man acquire. Most of these acquirement’s may refer to personal experiences but there are other qualities and habits which are acquired through culture and cultivation and active participation of the person concerned. There are many hobbies like gardening etc. Which may be so ingrained in the person that the experience so gathered by way of diversion or recreation may lead the person to the intricacies of natural sciences like botany or biology and so on.

Similarly, dramatics, speech making, even panning, craftsmanship etc. May be acquired by a person as he proceeds on his particular path of life. At the same time responsible work enables a man to acquire qualities like integrity, tact understanding, administrative efficiency, resourcefulness and so on and especially self-confidence which may stand him in good stead even after the person is retired from active life. ln like manner the stories of all successful men may converge to a point or a few points which make them self-reliant, disciplined, bold.