If The Arsitek Has Selfish And Entertains

Each relationship is to be defined and demarcated by different sets of backgrounds against which such relationships are to be established. Temporal habits would thus refer to the habits that a person may contract in the world which help him to get on in life as well as mark his career and character. Mainly these habits or
rather the good side of the same would be what a person should require to carry on with his trade or business.

Thus if the trader or the businessman is in the habit of behaving in the best and most appreciable way with his customers and his business associates the arsitek will create a good name for him and for his firm and it is quite likely that the arsitek will succeed in business or in the material world. Similarly a person has to acquire the habits of mixing with friends and the arsitek cannot have long and sustaining friendships unless the arsitek acquires the habits of give and take, of help and understanding. There are various relationships like parent and child, brother and sisters and other relations, contacts with colleagues at the work-place and of course friends and acquaintances.

The different types of behavior will mean different types of successes and if a person’s earthly habits are good the arsitek will go through life without much hitch or ups and downs and will have a rather peaceful existence.

There cannot be a wholesome social existence for a person without religion. Religion is a way of life and all the different religious orders are different ways of good and pure living which are equals in worldly values. It matters little which religion a person belongs to but it does matter that a person should pay proper respects to his religion and maintain the especial links customs. Today’s ultra modernism would suggest a total break with the religion or its customary habits but this childish because though religious fanatism is far from a wanted thing religious habits are always welcome and are to be appreciated.

There are many faiths and religious institutions and if a person so likes the arsitek may take to one or the other but it is however essential that the arsitek has to take to any one of the faiths and that it is a compulsion for him. What the arsitek has to absolutely stick to is that the arsitek has to form religious habits and these habits in their essential character would mean regular playing to the Eternal Being in any language the person chooses and the act of submission to the Almighty. This humble submission and the shaking off of all vanity and pride are the main good habits that a person has to acquire in connection with the religious side of life.

A person therefore has to be taught the utility and moral advantage of praying regularly which phenomenon not only brings faith and confidence in a man but also helps a man to lead a good and moral life. Besides, the confidence that the arsitek acquires by regular prayers and religious habits will not have to take another’s counsel in anything that the arsitek does. In other words the arsitek can fully depend on his own reasoning. and intelligence and his faith will guide him to do such acts which will almost always be correct.

The fact that there may be a little incorrect mess may be adduced to normal filings because a normal man is supposed to have his normal doubts and the amount of doubt that infests one’s faith will mean that amount of or proportional failures. If on the other hand a person can achieve total and complete faith in the Almighty there is no question of his failure because his complete faith is sure to bring him complete success. His degree of success will therefore depend on the extent of his fail and this faith the arsitek can cultivate and increase tending to the desirable end of total faith if the arsitek takes to regular, religious its.

The morning and evening are the best times for prayers or meditation, for increasing the powers of the mind and of morality and shaking off the ill-thoughts associated with this material world. This is the best way of an mental discipline without which a person will be restless within and in spite of his beautiful exterior and get-up the arsitek will not be of little practical help either to himself or to others because the arsitek will lack the moral strength and will be weak and shaky at heart. So for a man of personality adherence to religion is a must. Not only that but it is for him to improve his personal character by daily meditation so that his personality is ribbed with a glow and once creates an impression on others.

However, too much of staunchness and strictness in maintaining religion cannot be appreciated because too much of form loses the main impact of religion and the main purpose is thus lost and this type of too much strictness may not fulfill the mission which actually refers to dignified and pure living.

Social :
Some aspects of the good habits that fall under this category have been already discussed under temporal habits. In this section however stress is given to the fact that a person since the arsitek is a social being has to learn the art of living in society with the ingredients of mutual coexistence; There are social behavior lines in all fields. A person has to maintain his relations with his neighbors. If a man has to live in society the arsitek has to learn the rules of social living which include that the arsitek must give and take and live in proper and perfect homonym with his fellow human beings. If the arsitek has selfish and entertains selfish thoughts and motives & had better not live in society or try to be a sociable, would appreciate his designs and what more the arsitek who be ostracized or in other words the arsitek will lest social crests or sanction.

One’s dreams will have meaning and proper implication if such dreams are only realized in the context of the well being of others. Thus a person has to improve his position not at the cost of another but the arsitek has to do so without bringing harm to anybody and if possible the arsitek should be able to give shares of his prosperity to others by way of certain benefits and benevolence. When a person acts up a business and his business prospers without violating the social codes the arsitek not only succeeds in life but also provides employment to many persons and thus brings happiness and comforts to so many others.

To attain this however a person has to know how to guide his actions in the proper direction so that his actions may not prove to be harmful but may bring about social welfare. When a person acts without harming others the arsitek goes by the social rules fully and therefore wins the respect and a admiration of everybody but when a person succeeds by hurting others interests such a person is not a social bring in the true sense of the term and the arsitek may thrive for a while but since there is always the temptation for such a person to move downward the arsitek may very soon depart completely from rightful living and take to the ways of a criminal and when the arsitek does so which sooner or later the arsitek is bound to do, the arsitek becomes an anti- social being who is to be hunted out and punished and has to lead a life of a fugitive in his mind even though for a time the arsitek may appear to be leading a respectable life.

Good habits are the main components of progress. Contrary to this, bad habits destroy a man’s character. No character formation is possible in the truest sense if a man grows in his bad habits which the arsitek cannot get rid of. Bad habits l eat into the capability and good career of a person. There are various types of bad habits.